Jump with Joey, for beginner students ages 6-9 can also be taught following the Fun with Flupe series. This delightful course includes a 12-episode animated series that follows the adventures of Paul Ward and his friend Millie who help Kangi and her mischievous son Joey solve problems in Storyville. While studying English kids also learn important values about friendship and protecting the environment.

Students learn English through 25 songs and loads of games and activities both in the classroom and at home. Jump with Joey is the very first English course to use augmented reality technology. Kids’ English learning experience is enriched as the Jump with Joey characters come to life in their magic activity books, complementing the all-important home hearing segment of the Helen Doron English methodology.

Helen Doron English has unique learning materials for teaching reading and writing which combine structured phonics and free reading techniques. Teaching reading and writing will vary from country to country; the age to begin will depend on common practices in your country.

   English for Children Ages 6-12

Nat and Friends for ages 5-8

This new Helen Doron English course is suitable for beginning students and teaches them to speak English with confidence. The course is also appropriate for continuing students who have completed the Fun with Flupe series. 8 entertaining and original videos introduce students to Polly the Collie and Nat the Cat who travel the world together. Along the way, they meet new friends, such as Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Pigs, from familiar children’s classics, and help them solve problems and save the day in each episode.

Learning rhymes helps kids identify, read and write words - in any language.

Paul Ward Explores for ages 8-14

Eight original songs, stories and engaging activities help students strengthen phonics and English reading and writing skills, while having fun learning. This course is for beginners, ages 8-14 years as well as continuing students _who have completed pre A1 Common European Framework of Reference exams. The course teaches about 1800 English words.

Child-First Curriculum

Polly Reads and Writes is a new and unique course that includes both in-class and at-home learning materials. Suitable for beginning students or students who have completed Fun with Flupe or More Fun with Flupe, children learn to speak, read and write English with confidence as they follow the adventures of Polly the Collie, Nat the Cat, Roy the Boy and Pearl the Girl.

In-class instruction is complemented by a downloadable reading app with 32 interactive books divided into 8 levels which advance as the child progresses and learns. The app allows the child to work independently outside of the classroom, practising important language learning skills. Each shelf of 4 interactive books corresponds to one book to reinforce reading and to teach writing. Children complete the course with a wonderful amount of knowledge.

Students taking More Jump with Joey continue to follow the lively adventures of Paul, Millie, Kangi and Joey as they solve problems in Storyville. This course is a continuation to Jump with Joey and kids will love watching English come alive through magic activity books. Students learn English through 25 songs and loads of fun learning activities and games.

Polly Reads and Writes for ages 5-9

Polly Reads and Writes Set

More Jump with Joey for Kids 6-9

Jump with Joey for Kids 6-9

“My daughter was two years old when she started with Helen Doron. For us, it was the perfect age to begin. She loves her teacher and her lessons.”  

Franchesca Coramusi, Parent

“Surfing on the internet I was looking for something special for my son and I found this wonderful approach.”  

Maria Perri, Parent

A Tale of Two Tails for ages 9-13

This unique course teaches children to speak English with confidence. Based upon an original three-act musical play, this course teaches more advanced vocabulary and sentence structures. Students attending twice a week can also learn acting and more important self-expression skills.
A Tale of Two Tails is a delightful story of a cat and dog, the prince and princess of Pawland, and their quest to restore harmony to their kingdom where cats and dogs are in conflict, and where the value of giving has been forgotten. Through eight original songs and a three-act production on video, children develop confidence and learn to listen, think, and respond in English without translation.

  "The Hungry Caterpillar"