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Hi I am Ann Lloyd,

I am originally South African and have lived in Switzerland since 1999 with my family.  I have 2 fabulous teenage boys and a handsome husband! I have had a part-time business selling Usborne English children’s books around Switzerland since 2003, while raising my boys.  

Teaching has been my passion, since growing up with an English Teacher as a mother and helping her do the marking and prep work at home.  I used to teach and read to my toys growing up. Over the years I have taught English part-time and been involved with training others in various settings. My husband and I were also a part of a semi-professional theatre and dance group in Sweden for 1 year. We have lived in at least 12 countries, visited more over 3 continents.

I decided to become a Helen Doron teacher in 2016 after teaching English as a Foreign/ second language and to native speakers for several years in Switzerland, and seeing the need to offer a methodology that is more child-focused.  Apart from doing Helen Doron intensive training, I am a qualified parental coach and am a certified English as a Foreign/2nd language teacher (TEFL).

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It has been my dream and desire to create a place where Mums of mixed cultures can meet and children can also be welcome. I am passionate about Education, Children and Families. I love seeing the process that children go through when learning and having fun at the same time. I am still learning and that is how life should be a journey of learning, to go from strength to strength.

Helen Doron English Worldwide

In 1995, the Helen Doron English Method was introduced to Europe in Austria and then Germany. In 1998, the franchise business model was adopted and Helen Doron English Learning Centres began popping up throughout Europe. Recently, Helen Doron English has expanded into China, Southeast Asia, and South and Latin Americas.

Helen’s passion was, and still remains today, maximizing the learning capabilities of children of all ages, and to producing best-in-class learning programmes for them.

Helen and her development teams continue to pioneer learning through emotional, physical, creative and intellectual growth. Helen Doron Kindergartens are the newest innovation and a successful model for educational programming.

Nearly two million children have learned English with the Helen Doron Method and have benefited from Helen’s ongoing dedication to excellence in education.

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